Control Twitter with Vtiger Social

Used effectively, Twitter is a powerful tool that can lead to improved lead generation, customer service and sales.

However, not used properly, Twitter can be every sales manager’s worst nightmare.

Mishandling Social Media

Some companies deal with their insecurity about social networking by simply ignoring it. That of course, is not really an option. Even if the company holds their employees to a strict policy of not engaging on social media, their clients are under no such restrictions.

And companies are right to be wary of mishandling social media. Even the big brands get it wrong from time to time like the famous and long-lasting PR disaster that is MacDonald’s #McDstories:

Like, for example, the employee from DiGiorno Pizza who did not understand the intent behind the anti-domestic violence hashtag #whyIstayed when s/he tweeted “You had pizza”.


The answer of course is neither to ignore Twitter nor to let your employees have free rein to post what they like on behalf of the company.

Twitter integration – Social Vtiger CRM

Vtiger’s Twitter integration offers insight into your customers social activities and all mentions of your company and/or competitors in real time. Through researching the keywords and queries of your customers and competitors you can create records to take action.

Posts Dashboard:

Vtiger Twitter dashboard
  • Leads
  • Events
  • Tasks
  • Opportunities
  • Cases
  • Reply to posts
  • Add a tweet to your favourites
  • Undo a retweet and delete posts that aren’t relevant
  • Create Search Streams – here you focus on tweets from a specific customer or competitor. You can specify keywords and hash tags they must mention or not mention and these will display in the dashboard.