Sales Management with Vtiger CRM

The past decade has seen an enormous change in how people shop for goods and services. Once upon a time, a prospective buyer reached out to a sales rep to have his pre-purchase questions answered. Today, all those answers can be found online.

A buyer uses the internet to find company websites and compare offerings. Having narrowed down the options based on his own criteria such as location or price, he or she can then go on to Twitter or Facebook, and get a feeling for how satisfied with customer service past clients have been.

Forward thinking companies, recognizing these changes in buyer behaviour adapted their sales processes by serving their best content on their own websites and staying alert to interaction across the social networks. To maximise on the potential of this new buyer’s journey, companies also update their Contact Management and Sales Management tools.

Forward Thinking Contact Management

Vtiger’s Contact Management module contains a comprehensive record  of your relationship with leads and customers. In their contact record you’ll find their personal information, notes you’ve written, and emails and calls you’ve exchanged with them.

And if you’ve attached a file, sent them a quote, or engaged with them in any other way, you’ll find it there too, so that you can learn about them faster and take action sooner.

Vtiger CRM - Contact Management

Advanced Sales Management

Now that the buyer can virtually sell him or herself on your product before ever reaching out to a sales person, and the Vtiger Contact Management tool is recording every communication the next critical step is to have a clear view of your pipeline.

A glance at Vtiger’s advanced sales management tool shows deals that need your attention. The sales pipeline view includes key information like days until a deal’s expected close date, and upcoming events. You can drag and drop deals to move them between stages, or click into a deal to explore it in more detail and engage.

Imagine how powerful this information is when combined with analysis of your web traffic!

Advanced Sales Management module Vtiger CRM

Given that the new buyer’s journey has added a great deal of fluidity into the purchasing decision, a prospect can quickly go cold if your sales team are not responsive at all stages of the buying cycle – including quoting and invoicing. Add to that the pressure to narrow the closure-to-payment gap and you will love the invoicing module of Vtiger’s Sales Management CRM.

Accelerated Invoicing

When an opportunity matures, create a quote and email it to relevant contacts. If the quote is accepted, transform it into an invoice and send it in just a click. Afterward, request an online payment through or PayPal, which automatically tracks against outstanding invoices so you know what’s paid and what’s due.

vtiger crm - accelerated invoicing

Forecasting and Analytics

How is your team performing? Are there weak points in the pipeline? Where are the opportunities for improvement and growth?

Use the  Analytics and Forecasting modules of Vtiger’s sales management CRM to gain deep insight into historical performance, current trends and future opportunities.


  • Contact Management
  • Email Marketing
  • Tracking Opportunities
  • Sales Forecasting
  • Sales Reporting
  • Workflow Automation
  • Document Handling
  • Team Collaboration
  • Mobile Apps
  • Social Integration