Make Heroes Out of Helpdesk Staff

Are you listening?

A good CRM Helpdesk is a critical tool for improving customer retention and satisfaction.

Given the truism that it costs more to acquire a new customer than it does to retain an old one, it makes great business sense to invest in a system that facilitates customer service support.

You only have to search for #customerservice + #fail in Twitter to see that unfortunately many businesses are simply not doing a good job of communicating with their customers.

Twitter next complaint

The problem with social media is that once that snowball starts rolling downhill, there is no way to stop it.

With over 3,800 followers, Ms Ferguson has a significant following in Twitter but the exposure of Next’s spectacular customer service fail did not end there. Her tweet was picked up and amplified by sales performance consultant, Stuart Allen who commented on the fail and then asked his 82,000 followers to RT.

customer complaint on twitter

Clearly, if consumers are resorting to social media in order to get a complaint dealt with, there is something wrong with the way customer service is being handled.

It’s also pretty safe to say that it is unlikely Next will have retained Ms Ferguson as a client. Quite likely neither she, nor many of her followers,  nor indeed many of the followers of Stuart Allen will risk making an online purchase from that particular company any time soon.

Turn Helpdesk Zeroes to Heroes

While purchasing a defective product is annoying, poor customer service is infuriating. And as any unfortunate exec on the wrong end of a customer complaint can tell you, an unhappy customer is almost always a vocal customer.

The good news is that impressive customer service is also often the topic of social posting as people will post effusive comments about excellent service too. Look at this one in which a customer is happy to pass on a good word even though she was unhappy about the original purchase.

Happy customer on Twitter

Customer Satisfaction Feedback

For a Helpdesk to function most effectively, you have to be able to assess your customer’s opinion of the help provided. You can incentivize great customer service by rewarding agents who achieve good feedback … or offer a little more guidance to those who don’t.

customer satisfaction icons
With Vtiger Helpdesk,  it’s easy for customers to leave feedback. The Case Satisfaction Survey can be sent automatically once a case is resolved. It gives clients the option to specify if they are satisfied, neutral or dissatisfied with the service they received and give any further details if they want to do so.

Customizing VTiger Helpdesk

The Vtiger Helpdesk is a powerful customer service dashboard which can be fully customized to suit the requirements of your business.

Vtiger uses Case Management to create and assign cases for customer queries received from any channels you choose to set up including phone, email, webforms, customer portal, chat and even Twitter.

Processes are streamlined to maximise productivity across the life of the case by automating repetitive tasks and enabling deep visibility into the activity of support teams.

Managing Helpdesk Teams

Helpdesk teams can be managed according to your established handling processes by :

  • Function (Refunds, General Enquiry, Technical Support,…)
  • Conventional Level 1, Level 2, Level 3
  • Product
  • Customer (VIP, High Value, Standard,…)
  • Channel used to create the Case (chat, phone, email, social media (Twitter), customer portal)
Vtiger chat box

Live Chat Integration

Customer communication is greatly enhanced with live Olark Online Chat functionality and a self service Customer Portal through which you can share documents such as proposals, invoices and contracts with your clients.

The Vtiger CRM Helpdesk is packed full of time-saving and tracking features and is highly customizable. Let us show you how it will turn your customer service zeros to Helpdesk Heroes.

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