Vtiger CRM Contact Management

Stop Hot Prospects Going Cold

Keep on top of leads and customers with a solid contact management process. There are few things more frustrating to a sales team leader than seeing a hot prospect go cold, thanks to a sales rep’s unresponsiveness. That’s where the  Notification Center module of Vtiger’s CRM comes in:

Vtiger notification

It can be set to alert you or your team members on-screen, by SMS, or email alerts when a contact becomes active, idle, or meets various other conditions.

Improve Team Communication

When lead engagement is called for, sales agents can reach out for guidance or information using Vtiger’s @mention function.

Vtiger contact management module - comment

Schedule Next Steps

In cases when no client contact is yet warranted, reminders and events can be set up in a calendar.  With easy integration and syncing with Google Calendar and Outlook, there’s practically no learning curve.

Vtiger schedule

Upgrade your lead management system with Vtiger and make sure that you never lose another prospect because of poor communication.