What is Digital Cabinet?

What does paperless mean, do I really get rid of all the paper?

There are few businesses that can go completely paperless from the get go. Usually it’s legislation that prevents it however it’s more the understanding of what paperless can mean for the business. Often you’ll still have the paper that has to be stored for 5-15 years, the difference being that you can destroy the physical documents when their legal time has expired.

Converting the paper to digital representations provides convenience, consistency and reliability in that anyone can access what they need no matter how old the document. This is especially true in scenarios where staff dedicated to filing are also required to retrieve that information when it’s needed. This is a massive bottleneck that all businesses experience in some form. Being able to view or download a document you need when you need it is the whole point of going paperless.

How is Paper Being Used?

Another key point is identifying how paper is used in the company. Most often digital documents are printed and filed….incredible isn’t it? This filed document is then stored as an original when in actual fact the the digital version is the original. Stopping this practice and only printing documents that require some physical interaction be it a signature, note or comment can drastically reduce the amount of paper floating around.

The reason this doesn’t happen is that staff only know and understand how to file paper as it’s the only discipline that’s been taught their whole lives. There are paper filing principles that work, are simple to understand and implement. Digital filing standards on the other hand is left to someones vision of how they see it working without any adherence to a standard that is simple and everyone can learn.