Digital Cabinet FAQ

What is Digital Cabinet?

digital cabinet faqDigital Cabinet is a South African document management company. Their mission is to dispense with the piles of paper stored in backrooms, stuffed in office cabinets and kept in towering stacks on desks. Four years ago, the idea of creating a streamlined, quick to deploy and easy to use product was born. Today, Digital Cabinet have captured considerable market share and offer turnkey solutions with one simple goal….making the paperless office a reality.

While there are clear benefits to streamlining office processes and cutting down on hard copy document management, there are some questions about the service:


How complicated is document management with Digital Cabinet?

A well-designed filing system:

  • makes filing less difficult, tedious and unattractive
  • enables quick and easy filing and retrieval information with a minimum of wasted time and effort (i.e. 30 second retrieval time)
  • ensures integrity and continuity of record keeping despite changes in office personnel
  • has uniform practices
  • allows for the easy identification and purging of inactive records
  • should provide clear and simple file categories
  • should be expandable and flexible enough to meet everyone’s needs

…so no, document management with Digital Cabinet is not complicated. Digital Cabinet mimics your own filing system so Hyperion will work with you to make sure the information goes in clean.

What can I automate?

Based on your internal processes, document management automation with Digital Cabinet can includes:

  • notification when document is added to the system
  • process tracked to completion

creation of cabinet file from completed webform and notification of one or more people of the new file.

Many other automations are possible depending on your requirements and internal processes. Get in touch and let’s talk about how Hyperion can customise Digital Cabinet for you.

Can I digitize my forms and contracts?

Yes, Digital Cabinet enables the digitization of forms to capture details and signatures of your customers online, using a tablet or mobile phone.

Completed forms populate a PDF of the actual document that is stored in Digital Cabinet and this can be emailed to the person completing the form or people at the office. This is both convenient and efficient. Data integrity is much improved because there is no need to make any guesses at illegible information which might be the case with hand-written submissions. There is design fee per form.

What reports does Digital Cabinet provide?

Digital Cabinet has a comprehensive audit report which details everything that happens in the system in real. You will know who logged in, what documents were accessed, uploaded, moved, or deleted and the paths to where the documents are located. The report can be exported to Excel for further analysis.

Hyperion Consulting can help you get the most out of Digital Cabinet by customizing reports for you based on your specific business intelligence or data analytics requirements at no cost.

Are my documents safe?

All information is 256-bit bank-level encrypted on redundant servers across South Africa.
SARS compliant audit trails of every action that takes place in the system is available and easily retrievable at any time.
Apply access control on all files and cabinets with user and group permissions.

What does a Digital Cabinet account include?

Unlimited Storage Customized forms
Unlimited online support Sharing and collaboration
Custom integrations Digital Signatures
Custom meta reporting Business Workflow
Complete audit trail Comprehensive reporting

Will document management work for me?

It will work if you want the following in your business:

Time Saving

  • faster filing and retrieval of information
  • fewer misfiles
  • higher staff efficiency and productivity

Cost Saving

  • less frequent  purchase of filing equipment and supplies
  • less office space used for filing equipment
  • less time spent on filing
  • less likelihood of litigation losses resulting from lost documents
  • less likelihood of lost documents leading to unfavourable audit findings and penalties
  • less costly recovery of vital records

More control

  • easier training of new personnel
  • expandability and flexibility to meet the needs of the office
  • standard procedures for disposal of obsolete records
  • improved service to clients/public
  • protection of vital records
  • compliance with legal and audit retention requirements