About Hyperion Consulting

Professional Vtiger and Business Process Services

About Hyperion Consulting

Since 2012, Hyperion Consulting has been using the power of automation to help South African businesses run more efficiently. We pinpoint the exact weaknesses in your workflows and processes, giving you insight into sales, support, and product delivery.

We’re authorized resellers for Vtiger CRM software and Digital Cabinet, the cloud-based document management solution, but we do much more than just sell you software. We roll up our sleeves and work with you to fix the problems now, before they drain more resources and affect your bottom line.

Before founding Hyperion, we worked in engineering, network administration, and IT management. We’ve been voted one of South Africa’s most successful Vtiger resellers, and deployed successful solutions for small departments with only one user, up to multi-national businesses with 50 users. We’re a small, agile consultancy based in Bruma, but we can work with you anywhere in South Africa.

Free time? We don’t have much of that, but when we do, we like to travel and explore the world. Some of our favorite trekking spots are in the mountains of Kashmir, in the north of India, bordering on Pakistan. Staring at an icy, sixty-degree slope has a way of focusing you on exactly what you need to reach the summit. Every motivational poster tells you it’s grit and determination, and you do need plenty of that. Still, without careful planning, accurate data, and the right tools, you’ll never climb that mountain.

That’s our approach to business and life, in general. Willpower alone won’t help you reach your goals. Details matter.

About Hyperion Consulting


We are committed to your success


There are no cookie-cutter solutions when it comes to your business


We talk but – most importantly – we listen.

Problem Solvers

We are here to solve your problems.

That feeling of joy and achievement when you’ve reached the top is almost indescribable. That’s the feeling we want you to have after we’ve worked together to identify and remove the obstacles to growing your business.

Ready to improve efficiency, boost profits, and take control of your business? Get in touch today, we can help!

Jason van Wyngaard

Jason van Wyngaard


“I want to see people be efficient and cohesive with each other and with the systems they are using. A system must be an extension of the person and that can only happen with understanding through consultation.”